Few days old baby

Question: hi meri baby 2 month ko hai or baby ko 2 dino se moshn ho raha hai pani jese kya karna chahiye... or halki khasi v ho gayi?

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Answer: If you think that milk and dairy produce in your diet is affecting your baby talk to your baby's doctor about removing it from your diet for two weeks to four weeks, to see if it makes a difference.It's more common for babies to develop a temporary intolerance to lactose, perhaps set off by a tummy upset. There isn't much evidence to suggest that certain foods you eat while you are breastfeeding cause your baby to have colic. But, some foods may be linked with causing gas, though the evidence for this is weak. These include: cruciferous vegetables, such as, cauliflower (phool gobhi), cabbage (patta gobhi), brussels sprouts (choti bandh gobhi), broccoli (hari gobhi), asparagus (shatwar or sootmooli) onions (pyaaz) spicy foods legumes and beans, such as kidney beans (rajma), navy beans (safed rajma), lima (sem phalli) and soya beans Leave these foods out of your diet for a week. If your baby’s symptoms improve when you don’t have these foods, you could consider cutting them out of your diet until your baby is a bit older. But speak to your doctor before you change what you eat, your doctor may refer you to a dietitian who'll help you have a balanced diet. That said, keep in mind that often with colic, the best you can do is comfort your baby and wait for it to improve. If you have large amounts of caffeine, your baby may become irritable and have trouble sleeping. so aviod coffee, tea and soda. Regularly drinking moderate to high amounts of alcohol may affect your baby's development, and your milk supply.