36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi mera 35 week chl raha h baby weight 2697+-400gms and afi 18 cm its normal

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Answer: Hey it is within the ranges. From now till labour your baby will grow at very rapid rate, for which you need to provide extra calories from nutrients dense food, so that your baby gains weight in healthy manner. Eat a balanced and nutrition rich diet. Try to keep your diet as natural as possible with loads of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also include whole grains, proteins(lean meat/lentils) and dairy products(cheese, paneer,ghee) to your meals. Take your prenatal vitamins regularly. It compensates for any gaps in your nutrition intake and acts as a healthy supplement for your and your baby’s health Include dry fruits and nuts in your diet as they have healthy fats Stay relaxed and positive at all times. When you are over anxious, you tend to under-eat or overeat (mostly wrong and unhealthy food choices) Drink lots of water. Dehydration during pregnancy can cause many complications like headaches, acidity, indigestion, heartburn etc and can also cause contractions. Take care.
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Question: 35 wks 5 days baby weight 2.6 kg and AFI is 7 cm... its normal
Answer: dear Meri bhi same situation today I am going for color Doppler test, then Dr will suggest what to do,what ur Dr says?
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Question: mera 35 week chal raha h and mera AFI 7.6 cm aaya h ..kya ye bahut kam.h
Answer: Haan ye bahut kam hai.. Aapka afi level 8cm- 18cm k beech me Hona chahiye. Aap apne doctor se Baat kijiye wo aapko protein sachet dengue aapka afi increase krne k liye aur aapko drip bhi lagaye jayegi
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Question: 35 wks 5 days baby weight 2.6 kg, AFI 7 cm.. its normal level??
Answer: baby weight is normal but afi level should be 8-18cm .
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Question: I have done my ultrasound at 35 week and baby weight is 2 kg AFI 10.3 cm.. is it normal
Answer: Hello dear,normal range for amniotic fluid volumes varies with gestational age. Typical values include: AFI between 8-18 cm is considered normal; median AFI level is ~14 cm from week 20 to week 35, after which the amniotic fluid volume begins to reduce 1. AFI <5 cm is considered as oligohydramnios. 2. value changes with age: the 5thpercentile for gestational ages is most often taken as the cutoff value, and this around an AFI of 7 cm for second and third trimester pregnancies; and AFI of 5 cm is two standard deviations from the meanAFI >20-24 cm is considered as polyhydramnios.it would be advisable to consult to the Dr.
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