20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mera rubella igm positive aya hai but mera igg bhi positive and rubella avidity is 86% my doctor said it is safe for baby as avaidity is high. had level 2 ultrasound everything was normal. plz guide is their anything to worry about

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Question: I m rubella igg and igm both are positive...since last 2 yrs...i hv test rubella igg avidity which is high 98.86 now i m planing from last 2 month..i miscarriages 2 both are before 2 month.. i afraid all time that if i concive again may be chance of miscarriage
Answer: Hi Dear! CMV is Cytomegalov virus. You need not worry about IGG positive as It indicates past infection and immunity but the IGM number in the report is very important as only that number can help to identify the risk. Please check the number and consult with Dr. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi Doctor, i had a miscarriage in the month of Nov 2018 and after various tests it was found that rubella igg was 235 and rubella igm was negative. So my doctor told to retest igg after 3 months. And after 3 months my igg is still 227. Can we plan for a baby?
Answer: Dear still igg is high so wait till the amount came to normal. Also consult with a doctor to control the level and after that consult with doctor before planning for pregnancy. Because with high rubella pregnancy will have alot of complications..
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Question: Few months back i had blood test of rubella which come both igg and igm negative one doctor said i had rubella another doctor said i dont have rubella... Plz tell me if igm and igg both are negative then which doctor is saying truth.. I have that infection or not plz clear it as i m 6 weeks pregnant now...and already had a miscarriage 6 months ago.. Plz tell.???
Answer: Every doctors have confusion in tat I think... Sorry doctors... Bcos am also the same reports... I got different different answers from different doctors... Sister enjoy ur pregnancy. God ll b with us.. no other doc is greater than God..
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