36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi mera 9 month chal raha hai or 2 days se muje water discharge ho traha hai to muje kya karna chahiye

4 Answers
Answer: ohh first consult with your gynaecologist dear now mayb sign of labour pain
Answer: immediately consult doctor dear. sometime aminiotic fluid also leaks.
Answer: consult your doctor immediately
Answer: plz Dr ko batao
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Question: ye mera 9 month chal raha hai muje normal delivery k liye kya karna chahiye
Answer: One of the best ways for a normal delivery is exercise. Yup, pregnant women exercise for normal delivery, and this works very well. Kegel exercises Squats Lower body exercises Take your prenatal vitamins Eat healthy foods Don’t neglect fats If you can safely exercise, this is a great way to relieve stress and start to relax. This also works to keep the muscles strong, which is never a bad thing. It sounds silly to some people, but meditation has proven health benefits that really make a huge difference when in labor. When trying to meditate, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Pay attention to the breath going in your nose and out of your nose. If thoughts come into your mind, don’t worry – they’ll always be there. But your goal is to ignore these thoughts and focus on the now. Breathe deeply through the nose Exhale deeply through the nose Don’t be afraid to take deep breaths
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Question: Mam mera 7th month chal raha hai muje chakar aarahi hai so muje kya karna chahiye
Answer: Dizziness or feeling faint is a normal symptom during pregnancy. you may experience it throughout your pregnancy.Here are some helpful suggestions to reduce dizziness: Avoid standing for long periods. If you must stand, make sure that you keep your feet moving to help increase circulationGet up slowly from either sitting or lying down (this is especially important when you are getting out of the bath)Eat regularly. Avoid long periods between meals; it is better to snack throughout the dayAvoid hot baths or showersAvoid lying on your back once you reach the middle of your second trimester Wear loose, comfortable clothing to avoid restricting circulation
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Question: Mera 7th month chal raha hai aur 2 days se movement kam hai to Muje kya karna chahiye?
Answer: Hello ma'am , Aapko 2 din se baby movement Kam feel ho Raha hai to koi problem wali baat nahii hai kabhi kabhi baby jayeda move karta hai or kabhi kabhi Kam move karta hai isme koi problem wali baat nahii hai , agar aapko lage ki aapka baby movement nahii ho Raha hai to uss tym aap kuchh snack le Sakti hai , cold drinks pii Sakti hai jisse aapka baby movement start ho jayega . Thanku
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