Few weeks old baby

Question: Hi mera beta 12 months ka h or use losemotion bhut rhte h week b bhut h bhut medicine try Kr chuki hu but Kuch der frk fr Kuch Dino bad again losemotion plz Kuch diet btayegi weekness k lye or losemotion k lye .... Thanks

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Answer: Ya dear me daily banana deti hu
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Question: M kese apni daughter ko utha k rakhuu sb kux try kr k dhk liya but vo sonei k ly fr b bhut ro rahi h or rAt ko 9 bjei k bd 4 bjei tk nhi soygii???
Answer: Hi Dear this can be a sign of colic. Generally a colicky baby will start to show signs btw 2 and 4 weeks old. Colic is defined as 3 or more hours of crying, 3 or more days a week for at least 3 weeks. These babies cry for long periods of time, inconsolably, as if they are in pain. Reflux, gas and food sensitivities can all cause this type of behavior. So to give relief to baby Place your baby face-down on your lap or upright with his tummy against your shoulder, or baby lies face down with his belly resting on your arm. Then gently rub or pat her back as you hold him. Moreover, the touch or the skin-to-skin contact of each other calm and soothes both the baby and the mother.  Burp your baby after every feed. Pat on the back to make the baby burp. Colicky babies respond well to movements. Carrying, rocking and dancing the baby might relax him a bit. always consult your doctor before offering any medication to the baby and before making any changes in the diet of both you and your baby. Colic might be caused because of some allergy, so it is always better to get an expert’s opinion.
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Question: hi meri baby 6 months complete Kr chuki h use constipation ki problem ho rhi h fr woh potty Time jor b lgati h or roti b h toh Kya kre k constipation problem thik ho Jaye???
Answer: Milk is easier to digest for the tiny systems than the solids like rice, fruits etc. Thus it is common for your baby to suffer (not necessarily, in all cases). Dehydration may cause constipation in babies. Some medicines, for example, iron tonics, are also known to cause constipation. Some of the natural ways to relieve constipation includes the intake of fruits and fruit juices, which are very effective as they are rich source of fiber and water. the baby is on solids and suffer from constipation, these measures can be taken. 1. Give warm water to the baby at regular intervals , 1-2 tsp one time is more than enough. 2. Boil raisins in water and strain it out, this water can be given too 3. Give papaya to the baby . 4. Make oats a part of his food intake. The rich fibre in it helps here 5. Give fruits / fruit juices of all fruits starting with the letter P like papaya, prune.
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Question: Meri baby kuch dino se half hour b continue ni soti...ya to wo jg jati h ya fr nind me hi chhtpat krti h.....ek to wo mere bahut kosis k bad soti h aur soti b h to thodi der k lye...m koi kam ya use chhorkr kch kr hi ni pati...lgta h ab jg jayegi...plz help ki wo kch der aram se so ske taki uski b nind puri ho...
Answer: Aap ki baby agar achhe se nahii so pati hai to uska reason ho sakta hai ki sayad wo achhe se feed nahii ki hai jisse bhukh ke karan wo achhe se nahii so pati hai ya fir baby ko koi problem ho Sakti hai jaise stomach pain ya fir baby ka kapde , bed ya dipper comfortable nahii hai to please aap in chijo pe dhyan de , achhe se feeding karate kyuki achhe se feed Na karne ke karan bhi baby achhe se so nahii pati
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