7 months old baby

Question: Hi mera baby 7 month ka hone wala h pr usko me kuch be khilate hu usko vometing ho jate h esa kyu hota h

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Answer: Hi, dear please understand that baby's s tummy is very delicate. It takes time for the baby to digest these foods. Please go slow start with only liwlquids for few days like give dal ka pani, Rice ka pani, clear soups, fresh juices. Some spoons of water. Once the child starts tolerating this move to fruits like mashed banana, mango or boiled and mashed apples. Slowly in this way introduce solids. If still the child is not able to tolerate you should consult your pediatric.
Answer: Thanku ji
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Question: baby ka head round shape me kese laye mera baby 7 month ka hone wala h
Answer: hello dear you can use mustard pillow for your baby A newborn baby is like a soft cotton ball. Its hands, legs and all other body parts are still very soft. when it comes to your baby's head shape, then that is truly in your hands. Using mustard pillow for newborn helps to smooth the shape of their head. Now associated with your newborn baby's head can correct using mustard pillow.First of all, a mustard seeds pillow will give newborn some much needed comfort. If is a very soft pillow and babies love to sleep on it. It gives their tender heads a comfortable cushion. You can use these pillows until your baby is 8 to 9 months.
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Question: Mam mera baby 6th month ka hone wala h kya usko honey de saktu h
Answer: No dear, You may have heard that honey isn't safe for babies and that's true. Honey can contain bacteria which can germinate in a baby's gut and cause infant botulism, so better to give after 1 year.
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