12 months old baby

Question: hi.mera baby 6 day ka hai or use 10.6 jaundice aaya test Mai kya sb normal hai.plz help me

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Answer: Newborn jaundice is very common and can occur when babies have a high level of bilirubin, a yellow pigment produced during normal breakdown of red blood cells. In older babies and adults, the liver processes bilirubin, which then passes it through the intestinal tract. However, a newborn’s still-developing liver may not be mature enough to remove bilirubin. This causes baby's eye and skin to appear slightly yellowish. Normally newborn jaundice goes away with on 2 3 weeks from birth as baby’s liver start developing by then and he is also taking mother's feed. Try these remedies to reduce the yellowness in baby's skin and eye- 1) Try to place baby near a glass window where ample of sunlight comes. Do this after massaging the baby. Leave him in sunlight without covering his skin for 10-15mins. The UV light from sun helps break down the bilirubin in components which can be easily passed through stool thus reducing the yellowness. 2) Feed baby at every 2 hours for 20 mins each breast. Breastmilk speeds up baby’s recovery. If still there are no changes please consult your paediatrician. Take care.
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