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Question: Hi me and my husband have a same blood group of o + and we are married in a relatives is it any problem to conceive

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Answer: There is nothing to worry and dear u can easily conceive with same blood group and also ur child will be definitely having o group blood
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Question: I am 32weeks pregnant and my legs are swelling everyday is it normal?? Any suggestion to get rid of it?
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy Dear due to additional weight swelling s common in pregnancy Take warm water in tub add salt if sentha salt is available take sentha salt add few drops of mustard oil nf put ur legs into that water for 15 min .try it twice a day its helpful in reduces swelling .put pillow under ur legs while sleeping its helpful in reducing swelling try it nd taje less sodium in ur diet too Try it
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Question: Wanted some advices... A woman wants to conceive but is undergoing anti depressants due to anxiety and bipolar disorder... It will be difficult to conceive to have medicine? In pregnancy does any one have those psychotic medicines?
Answer: Bi polar Is issue ,first u need to c patient condition whether a patient can handle pregnancy or not. Cause pregnancy causes hormonal changes n bipolar people have difficulty with stress n depression so please ask ur psychiatrist whether it is safe or not it conceive at this moment
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Question: Newly married couple's My husband and I have sex at least 3 times a day so there is something physically wrong with both of us?????
Answer: There us no prb in this. U r normal. It happens with almost 99 percent newly couple n depends on excitement level. As u r newly married so it's normal.
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