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Question: Hi mam we are planning to have a baby. Can u suggest any tips to conceive for a boy baby

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Answer: Hi, if you want baby boy, I suggest you never skip ur breakfast, specially in first trimester. The second thing is try to take more than more protein in ur diet. Such as: milk, curd, Dal, soya, paneer, chij, egg etc.
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    Kotthla Reshma665 days ago

    And first trimester means 1st 3 months right

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Question: We are planning for a baby can u pls provide me some tips for that
Answer: As you are planning for a baby I will give me the suggest pencil structure from the very beginning and start taking Folic acid supplements as it help in improving a fertility in female as well as after getting pregnant it also help in formation of babies neural tube and brain development. Both of you should maintain a healthy and active life style and if your husband has any bad habits like smoking and drinking he should restrict that. Now you have to look at your ovulation days. If you have normal regular period without any complication and your cycle is of 26 to 30 days then you are expected days of ovulation are in between 10 to 17 days of the cycle. Doing intercourse once daily on those days will increase chances of pregnancy but remember there is no need to do multiple time sex in one day as it reduces number of healthy sperm. For getting pregnant during pregnancy men on top and men from behind are the ideal positions which will help.
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Question: We are planning to have boy baby. Any tips on this
Answer: Hi! Please do not fall for these speculations and myths, no such symptom has been proven till date, and even if it has happened with people is out of sheer coincidence and nothing else. Please do not stress on the gender because as parents gender should not matter to us. Good luck!
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Question: Need to conceive a boy. Can u plz suggest tips any medicine
Answer: Hi! There is no such tips to conceive a boy or a girl, it completely depends on the luck. Please welcome the baby whole heartedly boy or a girl should not matter. Good luck!
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