20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mam.. Today by mistake I had half glass cold milk on kiwi fruit .Later on I realise that kisi is citrus fruit. I m worried now.. is this foolishness harm my baby.. Waiting for the rpl. Thanks in advance

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Answer: Citrus fruits can be eaten in pregnancy. Dont worry
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Question: Dear mam i am 10 weeks pregnant and by mistake today i had glass of mixed fruit juice which contains mango orange pineapple grape fruit i am so worried will it harm my baby pls answer
Answer: Hello there, first of all, relax. If you worry more that may harm the baby. Just be careful in future. I don't think one time intake will do any harm. Calm down !
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Question: Hi mam.. In night by mistake for five min i slept on my stomach.. wilk this effect my baby.. i m running in 7th month. Thanks in advance
Answer: Try to avoid that. For five mins if you slept that's OK for now. But don't do that again. Take care. Try to sleep on your sides.
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Question: Today I take double dose of iron tablets, by mistake, I m very worried. Is this a problem, please reply
Answer: Hi dear, it is not harmful but next time be careful.
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