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Question: Hi mam on August 31 i got misscarriage it's was all most 1and half mnth after that i got my periods on sep 15 but no bleeding oly spotting again i got my period on oct 10 same was repeated i concerned doctor she did ultrasound and said waterly bubble is there so she had given me 21 days tablet but again on oct 27 i got period but no bleeding plzzz suggest me the proper treatment and say me the reason plzzz we are trying to get conceive from past 8 mnths

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Answer: Hi,you should consult your gynac as it could be hormonal imvalance because if which this is happening ,Dr may suggest you to do some blood test that would hell to study the hormonal levels in the body Take care All the best
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Question: Hi my last LMP was 3rd aug and on 4th sep i got mine HCG test value was 511,again repeated it on 6th it came as 915.6 but theb doctoe asked me to repeat again. So repeated again on 8th sep and the xount came as 2475. Kindlt suggest is there anything to worry?
Answer: Hi,no there is nothing to worry.the levels should double and as it is in your case it is showing good results which means everything is going fine and there is nothing to worry all the best take care.
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Question: My last period was on 9sep..when I didn't get period on 9 Oct..I did a pregnant test on 18 oct.i got very light second line and same happened on 19 morning but when I again repeated the test on 19 Oct afternoon it was negative..m confised..m I pregnant?
Answer: Chances of pregnancy could be there but it seems that it's a weak pregnancy. I will suggest you to take a beta HCG blood test to check the level of HCG hormone and if it's increasing it confirms pregnancy. Always take a pregnancy test at early morning with very first morning urine to get proper results.
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Question: As i have delivered on 3 sep 19.i got my mensuration on 14 oct but not that much. Again on 1 nov that too not that much spotting like things.and now again on 9 nov bleeding while peeing. I am very afraid that did i have got internal stitches bleeding or something else. But no stomach ache. Plz reply me frnds.
Answer: Same here it's not mensuration it's different from that routine mensuration will be after 6months
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