6 months old baby

Question: Hi mam my son's right eye is reddish in colour is there any problem???

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Answer: Hello Dear firstly don't self medicate the child. *Yu can use sift cotton cloth to delicately clean his eye from out. *Soak a cotton balm either in normal water or cold water n slowly keep on yur babies eyes *Yu or baby don't rub eyes it will cause more itchiness. Take yur baby to pediatrician he will check and according provide medication n eye drops.
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    venkatesh m238 days ago

    K Sis tq

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    Priyanka Agarwal235 days ago


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Question: My left eye became reddish in colour,and somuch pain is there,pls any one suggeste d eye drops name
Answer: Dont buy any eyedrops without the consultation of doctor..u r pregnant right..then go n see a doctor ..if u really care!
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Question: Today my urine is in dark yellow and reddish colour is there any problem
Answer: Hello dear. Reddish urine is not a good sign so please consult gynae and report this to her. Dark yellow happens due to dehydration but it should not be reddish. It could be due to urine infection so please see your gynae immediately. Hope it helps.
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Question: My eye has become reddish 2 days is there any problem
Answer: Yes in pregnancy mostly we experience dry eye so use any.lubricant like systane eyedrop 4 times a day
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Question: Hi my 2 month old son's right eye is watering...what could be the reason?
Answer: hi it could be due to some allergy or any dust particle must have entered into the eye however you should use only sterilized cotton swabs to write the babies I use if it is still watery and if it does not stop or if it becomes red it is advisable to consult the doctor to be on the same side
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