27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mam my HB level 9.2 I need to take iron sucrose 6 doses or i need to increase via iron tablets

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Answer: Hi dear right now it is low. U can have tablets. Your haemoglobin should be  in between 10 to 14.   Foods that contain iron are required to eat properly. U shoild have spinach juice by crushing 20 leaves in mixer. Add some splash of leMon to increase the absorption of iron in body. Avoid taking your iron supplements with milk and avoid taking Iron supplements in morning Ideally, your calcium supplements should be taken in morning or if taken at night, there should be at least some 4 hours gap between your Iron and Calcium supplements.u should also have iron supplement advised by doctor. You may eat cooked ragi, kale, oranges, jaggery almond beetroot carrot. 
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Question: Hi I'm 7 months pregnant.my hb level is 11.5. Do i need to take iron tablets still ?
Answer: Hello yes dear your HB level is just on the borderline the normal range during pregnancy is from 12 to 14 if hb level is good yur baby will receive good amount of blood and oxygen, you need to continue your iron tablets post delivery to as it helps maintaining your blood levels in your body. Take care
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Question: My Hb level is 9.8 doctor suggest me to take 4 iron sucrose injection ..i take 2 injection. I am not interested to take this injection shall I increase my hb level through food,..in 1 or 2 weeks
Answer: Hey... Take beetroot and pomegranate juice daily.. Soak 8-10munnaka dakh (raisin) and4-5 figs in night and take it in morning. Take iron rich food.. and dnt take stress... I deliverd baby via normal delivery when my hb level was 8 So avoid stress.
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Question: In month i check hb then its 6.then dr give iron sucrose .now it also 6 what to do increase hb level
Answer: hv beetroot, dates, pomegranate daily and drumstick leaves onces in a week
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