22 months old baby

Question: Hi mam my daughter turns 2 by this december 24th from when can i start to brush her teeth and advice me how to take care of her oral health now

Answer: Hi,you should have already started by now but it us ok don't worry ,you can start off by now ,you should be using soft bristles baby brush to clean the baby teeth and toothpaste like small amount if flouride toothpaste.You should brush twice a day once during the day time and the other during the bed time and only in the supervision of the elders
Answer: You already can. Buy special tooth brush and tooth past from baby shop.
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Question: My little one is 9 minths old. She has 4 teeth. How to take care of her oral hygiene?
Answer: Just massage her gums with ur finger twice a day.. Clean her tongue with clean cloth.. Its better not to introduce toothbrush for at least 2 years.
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Question: Hi my baby 1year 1month old when i want to start her teeth to brush
Answer: Hie You can use finger brush the moment first teeth emerges Dont use tooth paste untill 2 years old just brush it twice a day
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Question: Hi, when a baby can brush? My baby got all his teeth but he dont know how to spit? So he dont brush. Will this effect his teeth?
Answer: Hi dear same i have a baby of 2 years. U also faced some problem in teaching how to gargle and spit to baby but trust me with practice he will surely learn. U should start the brushing of teeth now but make sure to use low floride toothpaste paste which is meant for babies. And teach ur baby how to gargle and spit by doing the same with him.
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