1 months old baby

Question: Hi mam my baby is not sleeping in holl night he is sleeping only 7 ores..what should i do plz tell

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Answer: hi this is absolutely normal does a sleeping pattern of the baby keeps changes when changing with time difference do not worry if the baby is sleeping more during the daytime it is definitely get the baby will sleep less at the night times you just don't worry this pattern were also changed in a fortnight
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Question: My son is 7 month old baby .he did not sleeping in daytime only night sleeping so any suggestions plz mam
Answer: I will advise you to play with your baby in help him getting tired in day time so when your baby is active he plays a lot in day time he will feel tired soon so I did you can make him tier a lot of playing and brain activities or you can simply put as schedule very nice after eating food your baby will have a little story time and you sleep while listening to the stories so this always helps to solve problem only schedule needs to be followed.
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Question: Hi sis... My baby is 111 days old... He is not sleeping during day time..... He sleeping only at night..... Full day he is not sleeping..... I'm so much worried about this... Pls tell what I do
Answer: Dear some babies do sleep less . my baby also didn't sleep at day time but she sleeps properly at night time... Moreover if your baby is active in the daytime and is not fussy or crying all the time then it's completely normal. let baby play and when he will get exhaust he will sleep on its own...
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Question: my baby is not sleeping either in day or night. what should I do for that???
Answer: first check what is the cause of not sleeping. is your baby is hungry,colic,need to carry ,due to cold or any breathing discomfort due to nose block,earache,don't over dress the baby during sleep they awake due to overheated.try swaddling if baby has not such above problem.
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