32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mam.. mine 8th month running. Mere pelvic areas nd bone me pain rahta hai. Jb v walking nd exercise ( like butterfly) try karti hu pain badh jata hai . Mai kya kru ? Plz suggest me plz.

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Answer: It's common. I also get the same pain... It's because of stretching your legs and since you are 32 weeks pregnant baby's weight also falls on your pelvic area. Not a big deal just carry on with your excercises!
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    Vinita Kumari1157 days ago


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Question: Yaar. Plz Koi btayega k mera BP hmesha badh jata Hai jb bhi govt me checkup krati hu Wase mera checkup pvt Hospital se chal rha Hai to me Kyar kru k mera BP Thik rhe
Answer: Talk to your doctor about the medications you’re currently taking. Some medications can increases blood pressure. If so, she may prescribe an alternate medication or determine whether you can avoid taking it until after you deliver. Limit or leave fried foods. Continuous consumption of fried foods can cause to build up in your arteries.  Maintain a healthy weight and increase physical activity whenever possible.  Increase your potassium by taking dietary supplements or eating foods rich in potassium. Foods rich in potassium include bananas, orange juice, avocados, cantaloupe, tomatoes and chicken. Do breathing exercises or yoga to lower your stress levels and help to stabilize your blood pressure.
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Question: 37 weeks z running but abhi v baby ka head down position me nhi aaya hai... plz tell me what to do..... mai ghar ke sare kam karti hu... hmesa active rahti hu fir v.... plz help me...
Answer: Every labour is different, and no one can say for sure exactly when your baby will start to move into the position for birth. Generally speaking, first babies tend to engage from about 34 to 36 weeks. However, some babies only engage once labour starts. If your baby hasn't engaged by the time you go into labour, it's likely that the power of your contractions will soon push him down.
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Question: hi im 38 week pregnant mujhe pelvic area me bohut pain ho rha par badh nhi rha plz btaye mai kya kru
Answer: It can be contractions. U shld show the Dr, they will decide if u should be admitted or not. But generally if u can walk with the pain it's not considered labor.
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