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Question: Hi mam mere delavery date 22.2 .2019. But 40 moths complet hokar 9 days hui hai kya karna

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Answer: Hi dear plz doctor se consult kare aur check karwaye ki kya wo aapko labour pain induce kar sakte hai. Delivery date generally 40 week ka hota hai. So plz aap doctor se clarity le dear
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Question: Hi mam...mere last period date 9 sep ko thi...so wat is my ovlution date????
Answer: Hie there are maximum chances for you to conceive if you have intercourse during ovulation period To calculate ovulation date or period you need to calculate your period cycle length first . Period cycle length is the average no of days between first day of 2 consecutive period Track down your periods date of last 4 months And figure out the average no of days between them . Say you have 30 days between 2 of your periods Then you ovulate on 30÷2 =15 . So your ovulation date would be approx day 15 counting from 1st day of your periods . Have sex on 4 days prior and post ovuation date That would be from day day 12 to 18 To increase your chances to  conceive Have folic acid supplement it helps boost fertility Both the partners should have a healthy diet as it helps on conceiving a healthy baby Both the partners should avoid alcohol or smoking during this periods Limit your caffeine intake  Good luck
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Question: Mere husband ki pulse badi hui hai kya aise mein sex karna theek honga
Answer: Hello, If he is ok and can do it then you can have intercourse there is nothing to worry about..
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Question: Hi, meri baby 40 days ki hui hai. Usse jada hichki lgti rehti hai or gas ka bhi problem start hua hai.. kya kru
Answer: Hiccups are common in babies under a year old,  if your child's hiccups are uncontrollable, happen very frequently, or occur often after age 1, talk to your child's doctor. Babies with gastroesophageal reflux disease may hiccup more frequently. If your baby hiccups often, mention it to her doctor, especially if she spits up a lot or coughs and seems very cranky Keep the following points in mind while feeding your little one: Feed your baby small quantities over a longer period of time rather than stuffing him in one sitting. This will help prevent overfeeding that is a cause for hiccups in babies. Hold your baby in a vertical position while breast/bottle feeding, at an angle of 35 to 45 degrees, since this will enable smooth flow of the milk through the esophagus. If your baby is old enough to sit, then you can bottle feed him in sitting position.  Sit behind him to support his back.  Feeding while sitting will ensure that gravity plays its part in pulling down just the food and not the air. Listen to the sound he makes while feeding. If he is making too much slurping noise, then he is probably ingesting a lot of air. Adjust the nipple in his mouth so that there is a little air gap. While breastfeeding, ensure that the baby’s mouth covers the entire nipple. Regularly clean and wash your baby’s bottle to prevent the build-up of milk solids on the nipple. An obstruction while feeding can cause the baby to suck more air than milk thus causing hiccups. Never let a baby sleep while feeding with the bottle. Unlike breast, where milk only flows on suckling, a bottle provides a constant drip of milk. Apart from increasing the risk of cavities, it can also cause overfeeding, which in turn may lead to hiccups. Break your feeding with mini-burping sessions. Place your baby on your shoulder and gently tap his back between his shoulder blades, to induce a burp. Once he burps, give a 20-second break, and then resume the feeding. When feeding from the bottle, wait until the bottle is half empty and then induce a burp. A break for a few seconds will help the milk to completely flow down to the stomach from the esophagus thus mitigating the chances of a hiccup.
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