13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mam me 3 mnth pregnant hu mujhe sham k bad bahut zyada headache ho raha h kya karu

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Answer: Hi,aap yeh home remedies try kijiye Aap euclyptus oil lagaiye Applu thick paste of cinnamon and water Take ginger honey paste one teaspoon This should help
Answer: Take lots off rest apply little coconut warm oil massage deeply into ur hair ul be relaxde
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Question: Hello mam mera 8th mnth chal raha h mujhe bahut tej fever hai mai kya karu
Answer: Hello dear,  you can try this for fever. Place a cool, damp washcloth on your  forehead while  rests.... Take lukewarm tub bath or a sponge bath. As the water evaporates from your skin, it will cool you  and bring your temperature down. Don't use cold water. It can make you shiver and cause your body temperature to rise...take plenty of fluids and chilled foods, such as ice pops and yogurt, to help cool the body from the inside out and keep you hydrated....Take naps, sleep through the night, and sit down to relax. These are great ways to give your body much needed down time. Drink water, juice, or broth to add necessary fluid.  try eating small portions often. Place a humidifier in your room, keep your head elevated on your pillow while resting, or use nasal strips. Suck on ice chips, drink warm tea, or gargle with warm salt water. It is important to call your doctor if your symptoms are causing you to stop eating or sleeping, or if they last for more than a couple of days without improving. It is also important to consult your physician if you develop a fever that is 102° Fahrenheit or greater.... Hope it helped Take care urself...
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Question: mujhe bahut headache ho raha h iske liye kya karu...
Answer: Hi dear, Headache Kia wajah se ho Raha hai,Janna zaroori hai. Kai Baar sinus ki issue se ho Sakta hai and Kai Baar migraine se. Aap steam leke Dekh Sakti hai. Khuli hawa me sair Karne se bhi releif milta hai. Dust ,Kadi dhoop aur pollution se door rahe. Apni little finger ke tip ko press Karti rahe.headache Kam hota hai.paani ki kami se headache ho Sakta hai. Adarak daal ke strong tea pijiye.
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Question: Mujhe bahut headache ho raha hai.. Kya karu
Answer: Dear jab mujhe hota tha to main sari lights off Karke sir pe dupatta bandh Kar let jati thi...Kabhi Kabhi thik ho jata tha aur Kabhi Nahi..agar bilkul thik na ho ra ho to ek Baar doctor se baat karke dekhiye koi safe medication batyenge wo..
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