5 months old baby

Question: Hi Mam, is it OK to give honey for 4-5months old baby if no when is the right time to give? What are the advantages to give?

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Answer: Heloo dear..honey water or any othr thing should not be given to the baby until he or she is 6mnths old..
Answer: Not at all..u can give after 6 months Helps to relive cold
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Question: Grip water. When and how much can we give to a baby? What are its advantages?
Answer: You should not asume that all herbal preparation are safe and free from Side Effects. Gripe water contains alcohol which has soothing effect but it is not recommended for babies below 6 months. it will interfere with your breast feeding. Gripe water contains high sugar which gets your baby addicted to it and your baby might refuse your breast milk if you continuously gave him Gripe water everyday. Gripe water is also associated with risk of bacterial infection causing allergy as well as irritation to babies intestine. it may adversely effect baby . although it has been used very widely there are many brands available but woodwards brand has less alcohol if you want to try you shall try it after 6 months. Exclusive breastfeed for 6 months that is the best firvyoyr baby. Take care.
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Question: Honey nipples are ok to give babies when they cry
Answer: Yup they are surely safe for your baby. Just make sure that your baby don't bite the honey nipple because some times it has other items added to the nipple. Be careful while choosing the brand. Take care. 🙂
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Question: what are the exact food give for 5months baby
Answer: Hi dear! a 5 months old baby is not eligible for any other food then breast milk or formula milk anything else other than milk is harmful for the baby of 5 months old and can mess up his or her digestive system hence please wait for the baby to complete 6 months or 180 days to start Semi solid.. Hope this helps!
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