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Question: Hi mam, Is it mandatory to have symptoms before performing the test ? I am not feeling any symptoms.. is there any chance for me to become pregnant ?

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Answer: Major is missing do home check after your missing period date..give some 10 to 12 days gap after your date..
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Question: I have my intercourse on one day before ovulation there any chance to become it is 8 days after that. And I am not having any symptoms of pregnancy..what to do
Answer: Hi dear, A sperm can be alive in uterus for 7 if you had ovulation the next day,it is quite possible to get pregnant.not many get symptoms post conception.only missed period is the first significant symptom of wait for the next month period.
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Question: I am 9 week pregnant I is to feel symptoms before but now I am not feeling any symptoms
Answer: Hi it is not necessary for h to have any symptoms for pregnancy. Some women form get any symptoms at all dear. Do take care of ur diet and stay positive. Don't miss doctor visit.
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Question: I have pcod. Is there any chance that become pregnant?
Answer: Hi! My frnd had pcod and conceived naturally. A good diet and exercise would help you. Consult a nutritionist does help.but if your periods are irregular then it is very important for you to undergo medication and regularize the period cycle then plan for the pregnancy the chances will be high .. Exercise or yoga helps; also cut down on sugar, refined and processed food, alcohol and caffeine. My doc prescribed diet changes and exercise. So I exercise for 25 to 30 minutes 6 days a week. I cut down majorly on all carbs, upped my protein, veggie and fruit intake. Also have cut way back on dairy. My energy had come back tremendously,but even starting with brisk walking everyday will benefit your energy levels. Eat green raw veggies as salad, fruits which are less sweet (avoid mango, banana, grapes etc) avoid processed food, maida, ( bhaturas, pizza, burger, Chinese) white rice, airated drinks, sugar should be avoided as much as you can focus more on organic food of you are non vegetarian than try having organic as hormones in Chicken can add on to the trouble and most importantly brisk walk everyday for at least 45 min to 1 hour. PCOS cannot be cured but you can handle it and control it to great extend with clean eating and exercise. All the best!"
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