22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mam, in my left side tooth last tooth has caused whole, it was very painful. Dentist has checked and advised for surgery to remove that tooth. Is it good for baby if I move with this surgery or I have to bare this pain up to deliver, they suggested me paracetamol tablets to take twice a day. If I go with that is it safe to the baby.

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Answer: Hello dear. Taking medicine daily would be harmful for your baby's growth hence getting the surgery done to remove the tooth is the right option. It is absolutely safe to get it done during pregnancy. I had RCT done during my pregnancy so I know it is fine. Hope it helps.
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    Rajini Tutor934 days ago

    Antibiotics after surgery and anesthesia in surgery, is anything cause with these.

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Question: I have bad tooth pain and dentist suggested better not to go for dental treatment and he asked me to take paracetamol -500 in case if pain become unbearable...can anybody suggest home remedy for tooth pain..I am little worried to consume paracetamol or any antibiotics at this stage
Answer: Hi.. boil a few mint leaves and drink it like a peppermint tea, gargle with it or simply chew on them. place a small piece of raw onion at the affected spot or dab a cotton in onion juice and hold it there.wash a few spinach leaves and chew them raw between the affected teeth. Boil one teaspoon whole ajwain with half teaspoon salt in half litre water, strain and gargle frequently. crush a few basil leaves along with equal amount of peppercorns and apply this paste on the affected tooth
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Question: I m having wisdom tooth pain dentist told me it need to remove. Is it ok if tooth remove in pregnancy?
Answer: 2nd trimester is the only time where you can go for such removals. This is the time when you can have slight medication for pain which will not impact your baby. Just ask your dentist to give mils medicine for pain after tooth removal.
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Question: There is severe pain in my tooth. This has come right from when i came to know that I am pregnant. Should I consult a dentist ? If required can I do any treatment for this?
Answer: Hin dear Preganacy is not a problem but its a very pleaseant and beautiful time period of ouf life so we should extra attention on this period so that u should always in touch of doctor after consulting doctor u do things better.
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