19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mam .in my 3rd month scanning fetal heartbeat is 161

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Answer: Hi.. Dear it is fine, the heart beat of the baby should be in this range. If you have any doubts about it, please post your complete query, so that I can help you..
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Question: Hi mam in my 3rd month scanning fetal heartbeat is 161. Can u determine the baby's sex..
Answer: Hi ,based on heartbeat you cant detect gender of baby.if you want to detect gender only solution is ultrasound or blood test nipt ...i think both are not permitted to do in india its ilegal Please like
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Question: Hi if fetal heart rate is 161 in 9th month of pregnancy ...then what it indicates baby boy or girl
Answer: Heart rate will not indicate baby boy or girl but in myth high heart rate indicate baby girl
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Question: Hi in scanning report my fetal heart rate is 46 bpm is it normal
Answer: Maybe your report is showing false fetal heart rate it should always lie in the range 120-180 bpm, it would be better if you attend for another ultrasound or you can just ask your doctor to calculate the fetal heart rate using Doppler.
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