22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi Mam, I will be doing my NT scan tomorrow. If everything goes fine, and also I will be completing 3 months on 2 more days, can I have sex

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Answer: Hi Congratulations for your pregnancy. Sex during pregnancy may not be safe for women with a history of repeated miscarriages, preterm labor, bleeding, or an incompetent cervix or you have cramps or pain in abdomen or you feel any discomfort after sex . If you dont have the above conditions you can have sex.
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Question: Hi... I am 12 weeks pregnant and have to go for NT scan on 10th... I slipped today and I am worried if it did any harm to the baby... I don't have any pain though everything is as usual... I am going to the Dr tomorrow however can anyone share their exp or tell me if everything is fine...
Answer: If u does not have any pain or any bleeding than everything is normal
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Question: Hi everyone ... Tomorrow i have appointments for NT scan ...i don't know wat will happen
Answer: Hi dear firstly congrats on your pregnancy.. don't worry it is a simple scan.. be happy you can see you baby shape and hear heartbeat which is the awesome feel.. be stress free which is more important..
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Question: Hi.....I had my NT scan today and everything is perfectly normal and now doctor has asked me for double marker test which is also for down syndrome.... Then if my scan is normal than does anything will affect in double marker test? Can it be something different or everything will be fine
Answer: Double marker test will show the level of risk of down syndrome. It is usually done with NT scan. If doctor advised then you should go for it for safe side.
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