7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mam i'm 6 week 6 days pregnent so im testing home pregnency kid sure or not sure mam

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Answer: Dear you need to get 2 lines even if one line is lighter that would mean you are pregnant. Do the test in the morning with first urine. And if your are 6 weeks 6 days you should go for beta hcg test now to see the growth of your pregnancy and consult doctor accordingly. Hope it helps.
Answer: Yes at this stage it can give accurate result. If doubt go for beta hcg blood test to confirm pregnancy it's more accurate than urine test.
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Question: Hi mam i'm 7 week pregnent so today morning stamach pain is coming and some bleeding i have pregnency or not pregnency
Answer: Hi,you should do your blood beta HCG test or urine pregnancy test to confirm about your pregnancy dear As sometimes it could also be delayed periods ,so without doing the lab test it is difficult to say Take care All the best
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Question: hi mam i'm 6 Week 6 day pregnent so i go to pregnency test in home kid sure Or not sure mam
Answer: Hi,you should not rely completely on home pregnancy test.you should be doing blood beta hcg test or you should do urine test to get the confirmation in your pregnancy. All the best
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Question: Hii mam i'm 6 week 4 days pregnent so i have take womens horlecks
Answer: You can eat healthy food. Take sunflower seeds , walnuts soaked almonds and other fruits and vegetables. If you want take Horlicks for pregnant women.
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