15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mam ,I'm 16week pregnant.Its my 3rd pregnancy.I hav a lot of vomitings,hb is only 6grms I 'm suffering from severe weekness,breathing problem too,I cnt even stnd for 3mints also.my doctor adviced me for blood trandfussion,is it safe now or nt.wat diet shd i take daily.pls help me mam.

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Answer: Hi Dear! Dont worry blood transfusions r common in.pregnancy and happens due to severe anemia pls note 6 gm is really less and you need it fr the baby, but undetstanding the entire process is very important so pls if you hv smallest of doubts pls clear it with your Dr. and be positive.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I am suffering with lot of breathelessness round the clock. Cant even sleep properly at night despite lying in an inclined position. Have tried all breathing exercises too. Pls suggest remedy for it.
Answer: Hi dear, increase level of progesterone can give you breathlessness during pregnancy and moreover with advertisement of pregnancy as your baby will increase in size it will push your diet from which squeeze your lungs and you get less air to breathe. Except relaxation there is no other way better to get some relief from breathlessness and as you said You Already tried breathing exercises but without any help so this is part of your journey of pregnancy. Try to take small breath, eatvsmall amount of food and always keep space for your breathing. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am having severe back pain...i cannot even sit for a long time and also hav a lot breathing problem....what to do
Answer: It is common. Practice regular walking and mild exercise. Sit in a comfortable posture. Use warm water bag or cold compress for pain relief. Avoid standing for long time. To overcome breathing problem take small portions of meals. Once your baby drops Yu ll feel lite. Just few more days stay relaxed.
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Question: am 9 weeks pregnant i was not consulted my doctor . but am use folic acid tabs. getting vomitings and weekness is there. and my hb is 8.5 . what type of blood test is requried for me
Answer: U should consult your doctor... She will suggest you medicine...
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