24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mam I'm not able to get sleep at night as well as in day time . What to do ? Because of this my eyes and head is constantly paining . Plzz suggest me ??

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Answer: This changes happens during pregnancy. Try taking a warm milk before you go to bed and check if your tummy got sufficient diet. Even if you can't sleep, just close your eyes and rest and you will get your sleep automatically.
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    Neelam Rathore34 days ago

    Me too feeling same

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Question: My baby is not able to sleep well now a days at night because of blocked nose. Please suggest
Answer: Apply warm onion ( ensure not too hot) on her chest and nose/ head..keep baby covered all time and keep away from cold.make her sip little haldi + milk.
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Question: I'm not sleep properly day and night because light sound se he need nahi aati and I'm filling not well reaction all time angry soutfully what to do
Answer: hello dear for sleep follow this: 1.meditation and yoga. 2. Warm water bath before bed. 3. Warm milk before bed . 4. Fenugreek seeds. 5. Chamomile tea 6. Eat bananas keep your self busy and stay healthy and active
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Question: I'm not able to sleep at night
Answer: Hie Insomnia or sleeplessness is a common problem during pregnancy due to rapid changes happening in your body Have a glass of warm milk with 2-3 strands of kesar and a pinch of cinnamon powder it acts as calming effect on body and senses and promotes good sleep High sugar can cause sleeplessness stay away from sugar 4-5 hrs before bedtime Stay away from distraction such as mobile phone,tv,laptop etc Meditation for 20 -30 min post dinner it would help you handle hormonal changes,stess as well as sleep better Try aromatherapy use scented candles and oils have a relaxing warm water bath before bedtime It would keep you calm and relaxed and help you sleep Try keeping yourself active pregnancy can be exhausting as a lot happens inside your body Exercise or pregnancy yoga or just walk around the block this helps blood circulation and eases tension. Try sleeping on your left side often it would keep better blood circulation in your body avoid lower body pain or back pain ,ensure better supply of blood and nutrients to your baby Adjust a pillow below your feets , between your knees and behind your back to comfort yourself. Talk to your partner as letting your feelings out might helps you feel better and hence feel better
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