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Question: Hi Mam I had follicular study this time there were 2 eggs grown 1st ruptured on 8th and 2nd on 9th.we were able to keep relations on 8th there chances both eggs can get fertilized

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Answer: No.. st a time one egg is fertilixed
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Question: Hello mam I had 2 follicles grown in this cycle.we had ones relation when 1st egg ruptured , then 2 day we were not able to keep relations. Is it possible that both can fertilize. Do more sperms are there if 1st gets fertilize.
Answer: hi dear! yes dear there are many sperms that can fertilise the egg . normally the sperm count is in millions when released from the penis. but not all make it till the egg dear. some of them are lost in the vagina itself and some cannot travel to the cervix against the gravity and are lost there some after reaching the cervix due to the environment of the cervix wont survive but rest can make it to the eg out of which one 1 will fertilize the egg and other sperm wont be able to fertilize the same egg but that does means it cannot fertilise the 2nd one. it can for sure fertilise there are sperms inside that can do that not to worry dear. take care dear! i hope this information is helpful to you!
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Question: I have undergone follicular study..i have sex on thursday doctor put hcg injection on Friday..again i had sex on sunday..on monday doctor my eggs has been ruptured and there will be a possibility of pregnancy?
Answer: hi if the eggs has been ruptured and released and if you had a sexual intercourse yes there are chances of conception however you should be the name is your periods to know if you have conceived
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Question: I have pcos ..I'm planning for my second baby ..this is been the 2 nd time were I dint get any result.. should I go for follicular study and consult a gynacologist
Answer: Hi Dear! If you hv hot PCOS and planing fr second one you shud consult ur Gynae fr sure because thr r hormonal medicines to regularize ovulation and correct it before going fr the follicular study.. Hope this helps!
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