16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mam, i can eat chocolates or not?

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Answer: Hello dear.. you can have choclates, help in lowering stress, hyper tension, and also prevents preeclampsia, promotes fetal development, but have it in moderation, because overconsumption may leads to weight gain, it also contains caffeine, consuming more caffeine may leads to preterm labor, low birth babies.
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    Priya jay66 days ago

    Thank u mam

Answer: Nooo chocolates are nt good during pregnancy.....if u wana eat chocolate.......u can eat only one bite nt more than that.
Answer: yes but limit your chocolate intake as it may lead to more sugar content i your body
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Question: Can I eat chocolates?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your curiosity. Chocolate is good for you in pregnancy, when taken in limited amounts. It helps in mood relaxation. Chocolate has caffeine in it. So maximum dosage allowed is two grams per day. You can take it either in the form of chocolate or coffee or tea. More intake of caffeine can cause uterus contractions which is not safe for babies growth.Take care
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Question: Hi all....can i eat ice cream and chocolates...i want to eat but everyone are saying not eat .....please help is it gud or not 😕
Answer: Hello dear. It is fine to eat choclates abd icecreams but you have to ensure that it is in moderate quantity. Like I used to have cravings for choclate but made sure I had it not more than a block or 2. Hope it helps.
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Question: Can i eat chocolates?
Answer: Yes you can eat But very less, because of chocolates you will gain more weight and also during pregnancy sweet intake is not much good
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