13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mam....I am 12 weeks pregnant I am facing problem with white discharge,when I have sexual contact so just want to conform will it affect my baby and I can have sexual contact or not

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Answer: Hi dear kindly avoid having sex in that case if u have white discharge as it may be possible u will get some I section in future. Also make sure to drink 10 to 12 glasses of water.
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    null_1208_105022866 days ago

    Why white discharge is happening is it due to heat body or any other infection

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Question: Dear mam... I am 5 weeks pregnant...can i have contact with my hubby or not....
Answer: Hello dear. Intercourse is recommended only after the first trimester. However make sure you have no other pregnancy complications. Take care.
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Question: Hi i am 12 week pregnant..i have white discharge...is this a problem?
Answer: Congregation dear... White discharge is completely normal during pregnancy. It's keep vagina infection free. So don't worry.
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Question: Hi doc... I m 12 weeks pregnant with twin babies...Is sexual intercourse will be a problem for babies??
Answer: Avoid sexual relationship for first 3 months. As ur doctor for further relationship..
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