7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mam, I am 7 week pregnant ,have some internal bleeding .doctore advice me to take evaporin injection , progesterone injection ,sylate 500 ,folic acid.is sylate is harmful for the baby.i am very worried now

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Answer: Hi, It's better to go to doctor, bcoz it might be risky if you delay.all the best
Answer: Pls follow docs advice. N tk complete bed rest
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Question: I am 8 week pregnant now..But by mistake i have forgot to take folic acid tablets during this 8 week. Is it harmful for my baby?
Answer: No not harmful...but you should take folic acid and iron tablets regularly, its very necessary for your baby growth.
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Question: Hi mam.... Am 34 week pregnant. Nowadays I am getting tired very easily. Please suggest me some remedies for me
Answer: Hello... Dear in pregnancy, tiredness is common issue, because your body is traveling through new phase both physically and mentally,to overcome tiredness follow these steps Eat five to six meals. Tiredness mainly cause due to lack of nutrition,so eat healthy diet ,and have small meals frequently Sleep Pregnant women should have atleast 8-10 hours of deep sleep,will enable you for proper functioning of body, inadequate sleep will leads tiredness Increases your iron level If you have low iron value or Anemic,you will have lot of tiredness,so have iron rich foods, include more veggies,fruits,nuts and dryfruits in your diet Practice pranayama Start practicing Pranayam,these breathing techniques will relive you from all sorts of discomfort in pregnancy Enjoy your pregnancy Start enjoying your pregnancy period, because if your mood is not well,you will not able to concentrate on anything,so keep yourself engaged,and have a happy pregnancy
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Question: Hi....i m 11 week pregnant.i have some internal bleeding..so is it risky doc said take completely rest
Answer: You should consult doctor as soon as possible... It is riaky
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