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Question: Hi mam I am 30 week pregnant and my scan report showing posterior mid low lying placenta with grade 2 to 3 maturity.. My doctor suggested bed rest for me.. Is there any thing to worry?

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Answer: Hi! Usually the position of placenta is either at side or top if the placenta is attached at the back side of the uterus is posterior placenta, incase of low lying placenta it is attached at a lower end to the uterus, there are some difficulties as it may cover the cervix which can be a problem in vaginal birth ,it can cause pre term birth also. Please do as the Doctor say, dont worry much,do nor walk fast, lot if bed rest, dont squat, dont lift heavy weight, avoid bumpy road, no intercourse, have fibrous food avoid constipation, Good luck & hope this helps!
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    Usha Parmar829 days ago

    Thanks mam

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Question: My scan today showed breech presentation and longitudinal lie with posterior grade 2 placenta. Any thing to worry about.
Answer: The baby is right now not in the head down position and your placenta has started to calcify which is appropriate for 30 weeks of pregnancy.. however there's no need to worry as the baby will get into head down position between 34-36 weeks of pregnancy... just eat healthy, stay physically active and rest well... everything will be fine..
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Question: My placenta is posterior mid and low lying grade 2 maturity at 21 weeks.is dangerous?
Answer: Hello! It is not dangerous but low lying placenta is a complication in pregnancy. It can result in bleeding or preterm labor. Hence it is better to be on bed rest to avoid any complications. Take care
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Question: hi, in my scanning report showing placenta is on fundal posterior wall with grade 3 maturity, is this normal?
Answer: Grade 3 placenta means a mature placenta with significant calcium deposits. There are levels within this also, so there is no need to panic if baby is doing fine.Don't be worried. At least you already know you have a slightly more mature placenta earlier than average. Most placentas reach grade 3 by 39 weeks. It's not by itself a huge problem but it calls for extra monitoring - doctor will probably ask you for regular NST and keeping track of baby movements. The doctor may also want to induce you earlier than 40 weeks. Maybe at 37-38 weeks depending on overall assessment by doctor of fetal nutrition continuity.
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