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Question: Hi mam, I am 27yrs old.i have my 1st baby in 2014 & my 2nd baby was in 2018. In between I was got umblical hernia in June 2017.doctors advised it is minor i.e 6mm so we can plan for our 2nd child. Now during my pregnancy umblical hernia is 12mm.i need to go for surgery or is there any other precautions.my gynaecologist advised to reduce my weight & told to use belt for support.please tell me precautions for avoiding surgery because for me both are C-section.

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Question: Hi mam, in my left side tooth last tooth has caused whole, it was very painful. Dentist has checked and advised for surgery to remove that tooth. Is it good for baby if I move with this surgery or I have to bare this pain up to deliver, they suggested me paracetamol tablets to take twice a day. If I go with that is it safe to the baby.
Answer: Hello dear. Taking medicine daily would be harmful for your baby's growth hence getting the surgery done to remove the tooth is the right option. It is absolutely safe to get it done during pregnancy. I had RCT done during my pregnancy so I know it is fine. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi, due to high BP i got my first delivery in week28, and my baby was preterm abd she was in nicu for 55days and she also had a small surgery PDA Divice closer. Right now for her TRW is in moderat size and she is fine , doctors said if at all the TRW become big we have yo do Open Heart Surgery. My question is if i plain for pregnancy do i get again baby in seventh month
Answer: There are chances
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Question: Hi,i continuously trying to conceive but not succeed,married in 2014.started trying for baby in 2017 in nov 2017 i conceived but pregnancy was not healthy my period is always regular.help me out how to conceive my last lmp 27 may 2018.thankx
Answer: After 9 days of your last LMP, have sex every alternate days. Once ejaculated , inform your hubby don't take it out immediately. once he taken out, keep pillow under your bum and stay in same position for minimum 30 mins. Both start having dry fruits, pomegranate, banana. All the best...
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