Planning for pregnancy

Hi mam, i aborted last month, if i get pregnancy in this month, is there any problem and i have thyroid problem too.

Hi dear, I am extremely sorry for your loss.its better to give a gap of 3-6 months b fore planning for next pregnancy after your body go through lot of changes post miscarriages.once you conceive please go to doctor for check up.thyroid is not an issue unless you take medication.maintain your TSH around 3 or might have to increase your dose as per your TSH keep monitoring it every 3 months.wish you all the best.
Hiiiiiii...First correct ur thyroid problem with consulting ur doctor.b'coz thyroid hormones are may be coz of ur abortion..After abortion give rest to ur uterus for 3 month to recover from injury.
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Question: Hi mam i am trying from last 6 month but in my test thyroid high show . Thyroid problem affect pregnancy.
Answer: Control thyroid hormone level never affects pregnancy Continue taking thyroxine tablet Take care of your diet and try not to put on so much weight don't take so much stress as stress is affect the thyroid hormone secretion If possible go for exercise or walk you can also do yoga under the experts guidance to keep thyroid gland under check. Take care
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Question: Is there any problem if we get sneezing during pregnancy...
Answer: Dont worry..Sneezing cannot hurt your baby. Sneezing doesn't pose any risks to your baby at any stage of apregnancy. 
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Question: Hi... I get aborted on end of 5th month due to aminiotic fluid leakage...after 1mnth still i didnt get there any problem ?
Answer: Hi,do you mean to say you had an abortion in May.if yes,then by NW you should have gielt your is better to show to gynac.
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