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Question: Hi, mam fr me white discharge is heavy , stomach pain is there, i didn't get my periods my last period is nov12 but i didn't get my period on this month

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Answer: Hello dear. Please do not rely on pregnancy signs like nausea, morning sickness,sore breast, dizziness, fatigue, back pain, lower abdominal pain or white sticky discharge for confirming ur pregnancy. You need to do a home pregnancy test to confirm it after 7 days of missing ur period with ur first urine early morning. I did not had any of the above mentioned dyring my pregnancy and still had a normal and healthy pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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Question: Feb 1st is my lpm and I didn't get periods this month but stomach pain and watery discharge
Answer: hi if you are not got your periods on 1st March that means you have missed your periods now you should wait the gate of March and you should do your Urine Pregnancy Test with in a day or do 2 to confirm on your pregnancy however getting stomach pain can be due to dance for acidity and watery discharge can also be a sign of pregnancy you should wait and get your test done to confirm on your pregnancy for results are positive you should consult to the doctor who will Moni that the growth of the baby and will also help to give you with the prenatal supplement which is very important to be taken during pregnancy
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Question: My last period happen on September 13th but this month still I didn't get my periods but I have stomach pain nd white discharge is the any chance of pregnancy
Answer: Hi,yes there can be a chances that you have conceived however after 8 days of missing your period you should do urine pregnancy test to get confirmed and accurate results on your pregnancy
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Question: My Lpm is feb 1st I didn't get periods this month but stomach pain and watery discharge
Answer: Hi dear if you last one period date is February 1st and you have not got your periods this month means March then around 8 th march you can take a pregnancy test and confirm if you are pregnant or not if the pregnancy strip shows you two pink lines it means you have conceived and your positive .. Hope this helps
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