11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mam, am 10 week pregnant i have full vomitings giddiness , tieredness and full day uneasy , i went to the doctor she said i lost my weight i.e,2kgs.. and she advised to take rest and have iron food. I was little tensed about my baby health

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Question: I am pregnant with 16 weeks and I have lost my weight with 2kgs and m worried about it
Answer: Hello dear. Please do not be worried. If your baby is growing fine then loosing some weight is absolutely normal. I also list a couple of kgs during my second trimester but the baby was healthy and gaining weight so gynae said not to worry. Hope it helps.
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Question: I have already lost my pregancy of 3months i went to doctor she said pregant result is negative
Answer: Hello Dear please complete yur query so that we can help you with it
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Question: From 3days I have full vomitings what I can do to stop this even I can't take food properly
Answer: Consult doctor & get medicine to prevent vomiting.
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