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Question: Hi trying for last date was aug 6 but up to now my period did not came......plzzzzz mam say some tips to confirm my pergence......

Answer: Buy home urine test from any medical store and check it using first morning urine.
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Question: Hi mam,am trying for pregnancy..but my periods was not came my last period was August 6 up to now my period can u give any tips to confirm the pergence ....
Answer: You can check with urine pregnancy kit it's easy and fairly accurate
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Question: Hello mam.....gud mrng how to get pergence my period on oct 17 on can i get the chances to confirm pergence....plzzzzz sugges me husband count was very less what should i do to get pergence
Answer: Dear you need to have sex in your fertile window. To know what is your fertile window is simple. You will ovulate 14 days before your next period date and your fertile window will start from 2 days before ovulation. So if your periods are due on 28th you will ovulate on 14th and your fertile window will be 12th, 13th and 14th. You need to have sex between this time to get the results. Some HOMEMADE REMEDIES FOR INCREASING SPERM COUNT:- SUNFLOWER SEEDS AND PUMPKIN SEEDS Regular consumption of sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds influences the sperm count thus enhancing the male fertility.  YOGHURT The presence of lactobasillus bacteria in yoghurt contributes towards growth of sperm count and chance of fertility.  ALMONDS Almonds in not just rich in vitamins but also in zinc and amino acids necessary for the growth of sperms. GARLIC This natural aphrodisiac is very famous for increasing the sperm count.  POMEGRANATES The richness of antioxidant in pomegranates reduces malondialidehyde that is responsible for causing damage to the sperm.  EXERCISE Until now you might be carrying out exercise only for its body building myths but if performed daily, it can equally contribute towards increasing sperm count. KIDNEY BEANS Kidney beans has large amount of folic acid in them which is responsible for the good health of the sperms. GREEN TEA It is all because of the presence of high proportion of antioxidants in green tea that it possess a good sperm count boosting potential. Only if taken in lower doses, then green tea also becomes a great help in improving fertility, and motility.  WALNUT According to the thorough research, the efficiency of walnut in improving sperm count came to be known. LEMON As vitamin C is a wonder for the health of the sperms, it becomes must to increase their count, renders them more fertile and bless them healthy.  BANANAS The bananas contain bromelain, an enzyme that has complete control over sex hormones.  Hope this works for you.
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Question: Actauly i did ivf so im confuse how to count my date...but my last period was on 26 aug.
Answer: hii dear congratulations for ur pregnancy . The date ovaluation in if case is more accurate than normal pregnancy as in this case u know when ovalatio. Happens. Btw it is an expected day and generally baBy do take birth before or after their Edd. U can count by taking date of egg retrieval or by embryo transfer. When using the date of egg retrieval, you simply have to add 38 weeks, or 266 days, to this date. 38 weeks are added instead of 40 weeks as we already know when ovalation took place. The IVF due date can also be calculated using the date of a 3-day or 5-day embryo transfer. To use the date of embryo transfer, count 38 weeks from the date of transfer. Next you will need to subtract the age of the transferred embryo. If the embryo was transferred at 3 days, simply subtract 3 days from 38 weeks, or 5 days if the embryo was transferred after 5 days. Hope the above answer helped u. Njoy ur pregnancy dear ans stay with us.
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