25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mam am 25 th week pregnant today i found blood in my stool am Worried about dis can u pls help me out wit dis

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Answer: Hi dear it must be happening due to constipation. Drink more water every day.Have lots of fruits and  veggies every day. Buy a squatty potty. Need a new iron supplement .Drink lemon juice and prune juices. | Take high fibre food .Get a probiotic supplement like yoghurt.Do exercises and Set your bathroom time .U can also use stool softener 
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Question: my baby is now 6months old..m worried about her diet plan.can u help me out on dis regard ???
Answer: Foods Which You Can Introduce to Your 6 Months Old Baby Breast milk or formula milk Mashed banana Stewed appleWell steamed and pureed vegetables like carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin , french beans Pulse soup (moong dal ka pani)Rice Water (Chawal ka pani)Homemade single-grain cereals like rice, barley, oats mixed with breastmilk or formula milkSteamed and pureed fruits like pear, avocado, peach, chikoo.You can try the homemade vegetable soup for your baby.
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Question: Pls anyone help me today when i my stool i found blood drop pls help me i m so much scared
Answer: hi dear! do you have constipation dear. and if yes then you might be stressing to poop dear. and if you dont have constipation then you might need a stool test dear. for constipation you can have dulcolax syp. to help you with it and have lots of bananas and have a good intake of fluids dear. take curd every day. take care dear.
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Question: Hi,i am 8 week prgnant, suffering from constipation i even found blood in stool .please help
Answer: Don't worry dear, I guess that should be just implantation bleeding or low lying placenta. It's better to consult your doctor as soon as possible. The only time you have to worry is if it's bleeding and coming to constipation, its common during first trimester. be careful dear.
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