3 months old baby

Question: Hi Mam, after one month of my delivery I have started riding the bike, every one were saying it will have negative impact on my baby bag.. Am so worried about my next baby. Please clear my doubt.

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Question: Hello doctor, does watching bold scenes in movies or videos will have negative impact on my baby?
Answer: Hi dear no I don't cause of much but if you feel those negativeness in your thoughts when you're you watch the movie just leave the situation with movie self don't take it to your mind and think about that effect if you become negative you became down and your mode is very emotionally down that make your baby to be emotional but it wont happen in one or two days this is the whole span of pregnancy that make baby mood.and development
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Question: I have negative rubella, i m much worried about my baby development, please help
Answer: A "negative" IgM test usually means you're not infected. ... That means you have rubella antibodies in your blood and are immune to future infection. A negative test is 0.7 or lower. You have too few antibodies to make you immune. Hope this helps.
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Question: Hi my baby porn on 28th November. Doctors saying one hole is there in the heart and also saying that I will clear after 3 months. Kindly help us to know the actual condition of my baby.
Answer: Hi dear, Yes it is quite normal for newborns to have such tiny holes in heart initially which resolves on its own with age.my baby had it too,and there was some mur mur sound in it.but now it is fine.so donot worry.
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