27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mam after 4 month iam facing problem like my face n neck is blackness and pimples. I don't want my face see in the mirror plz suggest me.

Answer: Hi dear, Yes ,dark spots on part of body and face is a symptom of pigmentation.this usually happens in pregnancy and the hormones are to be blamed. Do not worry they go off post delivery.pigmentation on face needs to be treated with cucumber face packs.you can grate cucumber and strain the juice out,mix it with multani mitti and apply twice a week. Sandalwood paste would also be beneficial. Potato juice and rubbing slice of tomato could also help in pigmentation. Yogurt with besan can be applied twice a week to the affected area.use suncreen while you step out of house.as sun rays could really harm your skin especially during pregnancy,as skin b comes too sensitive.
Answer: Dats due to hormonal change. It might go with the time. Dnt wry. Stress vl increase more pimples. In case it is unbearable, go to doctor she vl prescribe u gud medicated cream.
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Question: Hi i am 6 month pregnant from last month m getting heavy pimples on my face ,i cant see my face in mirror feeling very bad plz suggest me some tips
Answer: Hi,this is pigmentation due to hormonal changes in the body. Tour should apply aloe vera gel Tour can also apply lemon and honey paste and leave it for 20 mins ,than rinse it. This will help
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Question: Hii mam, iam 26week pregnant.my neck and face are become too blackish. So pls suggest any tip to reduce that blackness....
Answer: Hi it is , Chloasma,  Mask of Pregnancy.It is common in pregnancy .Blotchy area of darken skin develops .Women with darker skin tone are more prone to it .It develops on whole body, & specially on the parts that are exposed to sun. The patches will go away after delivery, till then protect yourself from sun 
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Question: I am in 4 months and i can see my face filled with pimples any suggestions for me please
Answer: Hormones changes dear, I was also faced this in my first trimester and in my second trimester my skin become too dark and I have noticed unwanted hairs on my face too. Also now again in 3rd trimester again my face is filled with pimples and acne. My doctor said told this will go automatically after delivery but she didn't provide any medicine for this because this is harmful for the child. So please be patient, I know it's too tough.. because I myself feel ashamed to go out. Try to be positive n wait for the child.
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