23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mam actually m sixth month running pregnant hu aur now mera tsh test 6.89 aaya h jo high h what i should do now

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Answer: Dear your TSH level is higher than normal. You need to start medication as soon as possible. Untreated TSH can hamper your baby's growth and development. Also avoid cauliflower cabbage broccoli spinach in your regular diet. Hope it helps.
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Question: I have high tsh, and m pregent. I also have history of thyroid, I also have history of miscarriage. What should I do now
Answer: Sister proper treatment should be taken because of baby depend upon mother for her thyroid hormone so disturbed thyroid can hinder your baby's growth so please make sure to take your tablet daily and also walk 1 hour daily it is a great thing to cure thyroid and please don't panic there are lots of a female who had proper is know the pregnancy even with thyroid everything have a solution at just believe in God and stay positive
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Question: My TSh levels are high while I'm planning to conceive a pregnancy what should I do?????
Answer: Hello dear... please consult with an endocrinologist and take necessary medication to help bring down your tsh value dear....and once it's normal then only try to conceive dear as high TSH value can affect your baby's growth and development dear...
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Question: Im 5 weeks pregnant..what should i do now?now any test is important for me?
Answer: Hello dear as of now no test is required so you can wait till 6-7 week and then visit a gynecologist . As of now take rest , eat healthy and stay hydrated thats it..
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