37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi..maine ultrasound krwaya us me baby ka weight 2830 aya hai...baby weight sahi hai...or placeta posterior maturity grade 3 ayi hai is ka kia matlab hai...

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Answer: Hi dear, 37 the week me apke baby Ka weight normal hai.placenta posterior hai jisse normal delivery me koi dikkat Nahi hogi.grade 3 maturity of placenta is normal at this stage.aapka labor Kisi bhi time start ho Sakta hai.grade 3 maturity placenta Ka last stage of maturity hota hai,Jo normal hai.aap Apne pregnancy Ka growth healofy app ke homepage me bhi Dekh Sakti hai.usme kaafi information Di hai,jisse aapko pregnancy aur post pregnancy me help hogi.wish you all the best.
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Question: placenta is posterior with grade 1 maturity kya matlab ha is ka
Answer: The placenta is an organ that connects the mother’s uterine wall with the developing baby. It transports nutrients into the developing fetus. Usually, the fertilized egg implants itself in the posterior uterus i.e., back of the uterine wall Placenta grading refers to an ultrasound grading of the placenta based on its maturity. It reflects the age of placenta that goes from grade 0 to three as your pregnancy progresses. As pregnancy advances, the it calcifies and matures. Grade 1 placenta happens in the mid-second trimester to early third trimester i.e., 18 to 29 weeks.
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Question: placenta is anterior grade lll maturity ka kya matlab hai
Answer: English la soliruntha na ans panirupen. Hindi puriyathu.
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Question: Fundal posterior grade 3 maturity and baby is in cephalic position means what plz answer me
Answer: Hi dear, Posterior placenta is when the placenta is positioned at the behind wall of uterus.This is considered the best location for the baby to be in as it allows the baby to move into the anterior position just before it is born.as it doesn't block the birth canal and also it doesn't provide extra cushion to baby so you could feel the baby movements. Placental maturity is graded under 0-3.usually grade 3 maturity is reached final weeks of pregnancy.once the maturity or calcification has reached 3 level, nutrition and oxygen hardly circulates to baby.if the maturity reaches early then there is risk for baby getting less oxygen and nutrients due to excess calcification on placental walls.talk to your doctor about your level of risk.if the risk is more,pre term delivery is recommended.but in your case it is normal.cephalic presentation is when baby head is down and legs up this is the ideal position for babies to be delivered normally.
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Question: Mera placenta maturity grade 11 hai iska kya matlab hua plzz answer doc grade 1 or 2 or 3 to pata tha but 11 maturity level kya hota hai maine google bhi kiya but samajh nahi aaya??
Answer: Placenta maturity grade 1,2,3 hi hota hai.. May be maturity grade ko roman language me prescribed kia ho.. Grade -II.. So need not to worry
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