34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi mai 33 wks prgnant hu.. nd mujh lagara meri belly thodi uppr aayi wesa nd wo area soft hogaya.. kuch tension ki baat hai ya norml hai?

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Answer: Hello dear koi tension Wali baat nahi hai dear.. Yeh normal hai.. Generally labor ke kuch hafte Pehle joints aur belly Area ka soft hota hai...
Answer: Its normal
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Question: Hi... Meri small belly h hai or i am 33 week pregnant? Koi tension ki baat to nhi hai na
Answer: The important thing to remember, is that there is no right size for your bump. All women, and all pregnancies, are unique. Bump size can be influenced by lots of factors, including: the number of pregnancies – first pregnancies tend to be smaller bumps because tummy muscles are tighter the number of babies – women carrying multiples often have bigger bumps the amount of fluid – it’s not just baby in there, the amount of fluid in your uterus could also affect your bump size the baby’s position – you may notice that your bump changes shape each time your baby changes position your posture – your bump may look bigger or smaller if you stand in certain ways The only thing that matters is your healthcare provider’s measurements of the baby. At each appointment, your healthcare provider will ask you to lie flat, so that she can check the position of the baby, and take a measurement. This helps your healthcare provider to monitor the baby’s growth.  There is no issue in it
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Question: hi... meri baby 8 din ki hai or mujh losse motion hogaye h, mai Kuch Kha b nahi pa rahi hu. mujh Kya Karna chaiye. plz answer
Answer: Modifying your diet is the easiest and most natural way to treat diarrhea while breast-feeding. Doctors will often recommend the popular BRAT diet, which stands for: bananasrice (white)applesaucetoast The BRAT foods are bland foods that are generally well-tolerated and easy to digest for more people suffering from diarrhea. The regimen is low in protein and low in fat, which benefits your digestive system. The BRAT diet is also low in fiber, which will help your body firm up loose stools. Furthermore, the bananas will replace much of the potassium, which is needed to maintain cellular and electrical function, lost during a bout of diarrhea. Avoid brown rice, since it’s higher in fiber.
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Question: hi m 33 wks prgnnt nd i hve too much itching on my stomach arean most around belly area.. is it normal ya koi tension ki baat hai?
Answer: Hello! Yeh normal hain, itching mainly hoti hain apke skin stretching ke wajah se. Aap area ko hamesha moisturised kareke rakhe aur dry hone mat dijiye. Coconut oil, olive oil yah castor oil, kuch bhi laga sakte hain.
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