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Question: hi madam , today my 23 rd day of I got light spotting...what is the reason of spotting ?or is it my period?..what I do?

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Answer: hi you cannot say it can be the old blood of which is left over you should wait till your missed your period if you miss your period after 8 days of missing a period you should do urine pregnancy test to confirm on your pregnancy as of now it is difficult to say whether it is implantation bleeding or if it is a period bleeding
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Question: I got watery sticky discharge on first day of my period, second day spotting and stopped and today I got my period. Is it normal???
Answer: Hi Dear Yes its normal at times it happens if the normal periods has started u dont need to worry.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi. Today was my 32nd day, usually my period cycle is 28days. I had a slight brown spotting in evening. Is it period coming or implantation bleeding?
Answer: S dr it is implantation bleeding wait for 5 days then made a urine test congrats and be careful
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Question: Hi.. i m taking pcos medication like letrozole, metital and folic acid.. Today is 11th day of my cycle and i got light spotting .Am i ovulating ??
Answer: spotting during your ovulation is not at all normal or common dear. check with your doctor immediately! after conception spotting can be seen on and off due to implantation cramping.
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