23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi madam. Today I went to hospital for check up doctor said SFH-26CMS, FHR-126bpm, FM +. I'm 6 months pregnant is this normal plz tell me madam. I have doubt what is FM, + plz tell me madam.

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Question: Doctor am 5 month pregnant.. yesterday I went for check up and took blood and urine test.. It showed 60 pus cells in urine test...my doctor said it is not normal..I am afraid now.. what is the reason behind this and what should I do to make it normal?
Answer: Dear it means urine infection, in pregnancy it is common due to grown uterus put pressure on the bladder and urinary tract .sometimes it is dangerous for you and baby dear.so please take care .drink plenty of fluids like butter milk, coconut water, juices.emptying your bladder frequently, ware only cotton innerware,avoid any harsh soaps or body wash.please visit doctor once because you need to take antibiotics to prevent recurrent infections.take care
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Question: Hello I'm 20 weeks pregnant and today I went for routin check up and my baby weight is 482g. Is it normal?
Answer: Wow... It's higher than average... What do u include in diet for fetal weight please mention... It will help others as well...
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Question: hi mam yesterdy i went hospital for regular check up for scanning mam told baby leg is down dont do work she said thera is any prblm
Answer: That mean baby is in breech position...u have to follow u r gynic
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