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Question: Hi madam my name is madhumitha i am trying for conceiving from 4 years but i am not getting pregnancy i dnt have right dermoid was there they removed one overy and i have taken ivf treatment but after 3rd month i did not heart beat that was failed. And i took many more treatment but i am not conceving

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Question: I have thyroid problem . I am trying but not conceiving
Answer: Hi.. Dear First you need to work on your weight.. Join a yoga, meditation, aerobics, gyming classes (any one of your choice).. Work on your eating habits exclude alcohol, lot of sweets, greasy, junk and outside food completely.. And have your medicine on regular basis without a miss (avoid having cabbage, kale and broccoli).. If you follow this religiously I am sure you will have a positive pregnancy test result soon....
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Question: I hav harmone imbalance problem i am trying to conceive taking treatment also but not conceiving
Answer: Hi dear, I am glad that you are getting treatment need to have patience.along with treatment, lifestyle also needs to be changed. usually women find quite difficult to conceive woth PCOD.they are prone to get diabetes and bp issues too.but with proper diet and lifestyle change you can definitely get pregnant and have easy delivery.include active lifestyle by exercising whole grains,complex carbs like brown rice,whole wheat flour,oats,quinoa.protein rich diet would make sure you have slow rise in sugar.lesa salt in diet could help control high bp.consult your doctor before planning for pregnancy.
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Question: I am fed of trying to conceive ,now it is almost 3 years of trying, 1 iui failed,1 ivf failed... Uterine lining is good embryo transfered was good... Now what shall i do?
Answer: Hi, do not lose hope. keep trying as it may take a few cycles before successful pregnancy happens. theres also a good chance of you conceiving naturally after a failed ivf treatment.
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Question: Mam i am 23 week pregnant now.anomaly scan is ok now.i have a dermoid in left overy (5.8*4.1cm present).my right overy is already removed due to dermoid in bp is also high and taking tablets what care i have to taken for coming months.i am a working person and is bed rest is necessary....mam reply pls
Answer: Hi dear dermoid cyst is a very common condition which is found in a woman's ovary but as you have mentioned that you are right ovary is already removed due to dermoid cyst and your left ovary also is showing symptoms of having dermoid cyst if it is growing then it is a problem but I would suggest you to please listen to what your doctor says if your doctor is asking you to take a bed rest completely please don't take it and continue with your medicine and have faith everything will be fine .. Hope this helps!
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