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Question: Hi madam I'm 30years old.we are planning for my second child we already have babay girl. If we are expecting our second child should be baby boy then how can we proceed further is there any suggestions for me??

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Answer: Dear there are varied mid wife theories and some believe in chinese calender.. Do not rely on these things.. Take care of your health and let it be the nature 's surprise for you.. Just wish for the arrival of a healthy baby boy or girl..
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Question: We are planning for child from 2months not there is no any symptoms so I'm worried
Answer: If you plan on getting pregnant, you want to make sure your diet is rich in folic acid and that you are proactive about that now. You can take a supplement, prenatal vitamin, and increase your intake of folic acid-rich foods like fortified whole grains, fortified cereals, vegetables, and citrus fruits. You should be taking in 400-600 mg of folic acid daily before pregnancy and about 800 mg during pregnancy to ensure a healthier pregnancy and minimize risk of birth defects.find out when u ovulating if u already done that just keep on having sex but be relaxed about it if u stress to much it will take longer
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Question: I have baby girl. We are planning for second child. We wish for baby boy. Is it possible?
Answer: Hi dear. It is a totally natural process a so you can't do anything in it and if you are planning for second child then you are not should be planned the child because you want baby boy and this is not a right you should not give priority to a particular gender and being a mother you are supposed to accept the baby of any gender as a mother's love don't depend upon gender so just pray for a healthy child not for the baby of a particular gender
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Question: I'm 29yrs we hv planned for second child if I want boy child what we do
Answer: Hi dear, there is no gender specific method of doing intercourse to plan for baby boy. Do intercourse in your ovulation period alternate days. Maintain healthy and nutritious diet that region Iron and Calcium and Folic acid like vegetables fruits lentils legume soya bean funny egg Fish chicken milk yoghurt etc. Drink plenty amount of water and do regular exercise like walking for an hour. Hope it helps.
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