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Question: Hi madam i am 40 is the age a major concern i ovoluted this month.

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Answer: Hi dear, Unfortunately yes .as you age the quality of eggs decreases.and so the fertilization is often unsuccessful.its good that you are regularly ovulating.and you can definitely try conceiving.keep yourself first and fine.wish you all th best!
Answer: Hi dear if u r ovulating well and ur heakth is fine then nothing to worry. It's true that some problem occurs but I'd u r under doctor consultant and in regular monitoring then nothing to worry.
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Question: Hi my age is 40+ and m pregnant, I have a 7yrs son. Should I go on with this pregnancy? I am worried about the risks.
Answer: Due to age some ladies will have issues but it depends on ur diet n ur health . If ur healthy n taking healthy foods don't worry. Take suggestion from doctor also but pls if ur pregnant pls continue god will help.
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Question: Hi doctor, i am having a concern that i still can feel any movement of the baby. I am in 5th month. Is everything alright or not. I am a bit worried. Please help me with this concern.
Answer: Hello The first fetal movements are often described as a “fluttering.” It is often such a subtle movement that you have to be still and pay close attention to notice it. Some women can feel theirbaby move as early as 15 weeks, while others don't notice it until closer to 20 to 24 weeks Everyone is different, every pregnancy is different, they say you should start feeling the baby move around 16 weeks, when i was 23 weeks pregnant i also could not feel my baby movement at all, but when I went for my ultra sound the baby was moving like crazy and I did'nt even feel her. So just because you don't feel her does'nt mean she's not moving. Have patience yu vl definitely feel dear.
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Question: I am finding brown spotting in the urine is this a concern?
Answer: in most cases, it’s completely harmless. The most common cause is irritation: As you know (or will soon find out), the surge of hormones and increased blood flow to the cervix can make it super-sensitive when you’re expecting. So sometimes, sexual intercourse or a pelvic exam can aggravate your cervix, resulting in a bit of brown discharge or even light spotting.
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