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Question: Hi madam!! Thanq for ur patience.... A small question...... Am always tensed and worried ND due to that am always urinating and heart is heavier... When my lmp is nearing..... Am very very tensed.... That my pregnancy doesn't wait... In many cases,, it leads to lmp... Am very bothered of this... Can u suggest me or gv me advice madam...

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Answer: Hi dear there is nothing like that dear that u r not getting pregnant due to stress and anxiety. Dis is try that it paly an important role to stay stressfree to have pregnancy . But also u have to get sex when u ovulated and take a balanced diet.u should also have a healthy lifestyle as without that it can give u problem. Also if needed u can consult doctor and get the advises and body check up done. There is no problem in taking docotr help before planning.
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    Rama Paramesh28 days ago

    Thanq mam...

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Question: One important question i want to ask that is today I went for scanning they said there is no heart beat and it is in small size inside ur womb that means I'm not pregnant?? But I have checked through chip it is positive they give me folic acid too am very confused about it plz answer my question plsss
Answer: hi dear! so dear you are 8 weeks in the pregnancy , and sometimes some fetus show heart beat at 5th week of pregnancy and some at 8th weeks so that is fine. but we should not wait further dear as the fetus size is also small if you take a report of the serum beta hcg then it will be low too it just means that there are chances that the baby will not develop the heart beat dear. and folic acid is given to all the pregnant women from the time they get pregnant so thats not a problem. if you want you can wait for few more days and see it again but i think you should abort it dear. since the baby is also very small at 8 weeks . take care dear.
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Question: Someone answered my question like " giving a mother feed to ur baby means it's very dangerous for ur baby health.formula feed means not a problem to think about it.but always doctors advice not doing intercourse till ur baby stop mother feed.its very very dangerous to ur baby. " is it right? Babys actually drink breast milk at least 1 and half year. Till that i didn't intercourse??
Answer: No, extremely wrong, or they might be guiding you wrong. Till six months u have to give breast milk only, as it has required vitamins which helps baby to be and grow healthy
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Question: Hello Dr. My lmp was 20 June according to that today it must be 8week pregnancy..but today I went for my first sonografy it is showing 5 week 6days and no Heart beat...dr. advised for after 10 days repeat sonografy...i am very tensed...pls reply n do answer it...before also my question were no replied
Answer: During sonography the average age of the baby is calculated on the basis of the baby's size Don't worry about this Heart rate is appreciated around 8 weeks to 10 weeks. don't worry repeat your sonography after 10 days and hope for the best
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