8 months old baby

Question: Hi maamas Since my bby started solid food..he used wake up more frequently at night for breast feed...what can be the possible reasons

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Question: My baby doesn't wake up to drink breast milk at night time I try to feed him but he doesn't wake up what can I do?
Answer: My pediatrician has suggested dat u can leave baby as they will definitely cry if dey are hungry and they can have sleep upto 6 hours there routine wouldnot be same. It will change on the next he will take more feed.
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Question: My baby wakes up more frequently at night I want to know the reason .can anybody tell me what is the reason behind this plzzz
Answer: What is the ambience around the baby? Are you using diaper while sleeping ? What is food last baby is taking before going to bed ? What is the sleep time in the day time and evening time ?
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Question: hi..my baby is 3months old...he does not wake up at night for feed..But i give breast milk in every 2 hours..but he does not suck properly...will it be harmful for him?
Answer: It's good that baby sleeps through night.. it's advised not to disturb his sleep as he must be happy and full and wouldn't need a feed at night.
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