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Question: Hi, ma'am. My friend did test at home, when she was missed her period. The result was negitive but she got positive pregnancy rusult in BHCG. What is the reason for this.

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Answer: Hi dear, The pregnancy kits are at times faulty.beta HCG blood test is mir accurate.also depends on when and whr time of the day did she it was too early like before 7 days of missed period ,then many women get n grove result.also taking a test in early mo Ning is encouraged as the urine would be concentrated and more Pregnancy hormones would be there compare to o diluted urine in day time.blood test beta HCG can detect Pregnancy hormones as low as 25 while in test kit it has to be more than 50 in sensitive kit.
Answer: It takes time fir HCG hormone to increase enough to be detected. Previous night it might be negative and next morning it might show up positive. For confirmation it us better to visit the doctor for a scan once it shows as positive
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Question: I did pregnancy test on 10th day after missed period but got negative result.
Answer: For some it might take time... Take after one more week.. you may get positive result
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Question: Hi. My period was due on 28th sep..i missed ie on 1st of october i did pregnancy test at home and the result is positive. But i m having periods like cramps. Is there anything to worry?
Answer: May be wait for few days and then consult doctor if there won't period
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Question: My period was last month in 15 August,but this month missed . when i can check pregnancy test at home?
Answer: You can check after 1 or 2, weeks after your period date
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